Thursday, March 15, 2012

Space Put Into Perspective

This is another addition to Technology Thursday. On Thursdays we will be highlighting a different online technology that Teachers can put to use in the classroom. These articles will be archived on the Resources page and filed under Technology.

Many times it is difficult to differentiate the difference in size when it is something that we have no perspective on. For instance we may know that 3.743x10^9 is a large number, or if it is negative it is a small number.

Still we can not place those kind of numbers into a visual perspective. Astronomy Pictures a day has done that for us.

This link is a digitally made graph that allows users to scroll into the tiniest of microcosms and then scroll back out to the estimated dimensions of the universe.

Along the way you will find various objects that will give you reference to the spatial value of the objects. Things like a human, the sun, the width of a hair, or a t-rex.

Spacial awareness is pretty simple until you get to discussing things that must be viewed by telescope or microscope. Then it gets a little fuzzy.